"It is my aim to find a balance between the technical/design and the “musical” domains in music, and to never loose sight of the sonic goal and to use the technical tools as musical instruments accordingly. The importance of listening carefully plays a central role: how does something sound, how does sound influence an environment or a moving image, how does a sound quality influence the course of a composition or an improvisation, what role does a sound quality play in a project... Sound design may function with litle or almost no musical part but music definitelly does not work without the sound design part."

Growing up listening to the likes of Autechre, Aphex Twin and the whole other Glitch and Ambient music from the 90s, had a deeply influencing effect on how Steve is approaching music and sound these days. Even if later in his life, however, different musical educations introduced
the world of Jazz and the music with the capital "N" to him, the early
Electronic and Ambient influence still sticks.
Steve interprets his aquired deep understanding of the emotional and technical world of sound and music in closely interwoven synthetic sound structures.
An abstract approach to blured musical memories.

Steve Valentin is a sound artist, sound designer and drummer. He designs applications and sound (mainly in Max_MSP) for music, picture, installation, envoronment, as well as for commissioned projects as a freelancer.

Steve has studied music, media art and contemporary art practice.