Eigenanalyse (working title) is a project developed with Robin Michel, which deals with a tonal kind of “self-analysis”.

The analysis of the self is not only for me personally a topic that apparently has a character of omnipresence. Also in various scientific fields – not to forget that of public life – it shines through constantly somewhere and often even seems to be the basis of any perception or action.
Intrigued by this idea, our work refers to the principle of the homeostat and in this way determines its own course from its own behaviour.

With transducer and contact microphone we provoke feedback on a 2×1.5m steel plate. Interposed is a software programmed in Max_MSP, which constantly analyzes the feedback. The analysis refers to a selection of previously produced (FFT) filter templates (reaction/oscillation of the plate in different frequency ranges), which in turn it searches for in the incoming audio signal. The system has several (currently four) channels available, each of which functions as an independently adjustable input/output.
If a currently loaded filter “form” is detected in the incoming audio signal, the system checks it for its proportion in the signal and adjusts it up or down as required. If the template cannot be recognized as a shape in the signal, it is replaced by the system with a new one.
The sum of the modulated signal is fed back into the input, which is analyzed again, etc. This cycle can be heard on the surface of the record as a complex, endlessly evolving sound layer.

Our goal was not to use existing audio material or sound generators for this work, and only to work with the material’s own resonances; development and form progression feed on one’s own existence.

If there is enough space, the work can also be extended to two plates.