Drum Set | Drone Set

The possibility of a time-variable sound design was an important starting point for this work. The expansion of the sounds creates an atmosphere in which the drum set can be embedded.

The function of the electronics is to diffuse the sound spectrum of the drum set and to lengthen it. This compression and stretching is complemented by selective FFT re-synthesis, continuous real-time overtone analysis and by excitation of the drum heads using the removed loudspeaker membranes, which are mounted in a suspension close to the drum heads. This part of the extension can be controlled manually via various pedals, but can also be set to recursive mode by overtone analysis (or both at the same time). The result of the analysis are the individual partials, which can be converted into individual sine tones and output to the heads or loudspeakers.

The information extracted from individual strokes on cymbals, bells and drums can be woven into complex layers and thus offer an additional musical level that arises directly from the instrument itself.
Rhythmic structures become flat, the flat decays into rhythmic structures.
Live played sounds and live generated sounds are inseparably brought together in a sound picture. The sources of the sounds’ origin become nearly congruent through the close integration of the electronics into the instrument.